Ebro Darden Roasts DJ Akademiks: You Can’t Leave The House!!


Ebro Darden is once again calling out DJ Akademiks.

Ebro says the only issues he has with Ak is “the things that he promotes and monetizes, a, he’s not from or apart of, which is, you know, he has a fetish, like many young people do and suburbanites do with gangsterism and gangs and you know, all of that,” Ebro said of Ak.

Ak is preparing to take over the podcasting game after his new deal with Spotify.

“The whole pill-pop culture and all of that other nonsense, and the fact that a lot of the artists that he enjoys are just not good rappers. They’re just not good at rapping,” says Ebro, blasting Ak for making all of his ranting videos “from his basement.”


He continued, “You prisoner to your own lifestyle, my guy. You shook. Look him up. I don’t even dislike you like Rosenberg. I just want you to understand what you perpetuatin’ is a dead end. Is a dead end. You might have got some bread courtesy of the labels.”

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