Marlon Wayans Says Chris Rock Is ‘Too Small’ For Will Smith To Slap Him

Marlon Wayans spoke about the Oscars slap during his Breakfast Club interview.

Wayans is friends with both men but he thinks Smith was wrong.

“They’re both friends of mine. It was hard for me. It was like watching two brothers fight. It’s hard for me because I’ve known Will 20 years. I’ve known Chris Rock since I was 12,” he said.

“For me, I was just like, ‘Yo.’ I didn’t know what transpired. I felt bad ’cause I’m a brother. As a brother, I felt bad for Tony Rock and Jordan. ‘Cause now, Will doing that, you are questioning my loyalty.”

Will was banned from the Academy for a decade over the slap.

“You can’t hit Chris over a joke. That’s Chris. Chris cracks jokes, that’s what he does and he too small. You play action movies, I Am Legend, you doing behind-the-back pushups, pull ups, and lifting weights. Chris plays crackheads. The heaviest thing this n*gga ever lifted was a crack pipe in New Jack City. Why would you hit little Chris Rock? Now if Will slapped The Rock, I’d be like, ‘That n*gga gangsta.’ You can’t hit little Chris Rock. Like I said, that’s hard for me ’cause I love them both.”

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