DJ Akademiks Roasts Hot 97’s Ebro Darden & Peter Rosenberg!!

DJ Akademiks is upset with Hot 97’s Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg after they called him a “talentless hack” on a recent show.

In true Akademiks style, he took to Twitch to flame the two radio OG’s.

“Rosenberg works for Hot 97, these muthaf*ckas … yo, the Ebros and the Rosenbergs hate my position in the culture because Ebro used to be the place you needed to go to get relevance in Hip Hop,” Ak says. “That stopped being the case. Remember when he used to go on these rants? Like, ‘Yo, you’re not major league, you’re minor league’ and he used to determine what music actually got a chance to be seen and heard at the biggest levels.”


“Radio is irrelevant. Now, I know he has a very important position at Apple Music, but truth be told a lot of that sh*t is coming through just the internet. He doesn’t have a hold on media anymore, I think he resents me for that.”

“You work at Hot 97, you not pulling no half-a-million a year,” he continued. “That’s three months of pay for me. Don’t try to diminish my work — I actually built some sh*t on my own and I own it. I don’t work for n*ggas — you don’t own nothing. The money looks a little different when you own.”

He later adds, “I’m a keep changing and impacting how this culture moves whether you like it or not, and you’re gonna sit there salty as f*ck on your platform. You still a worker there n*gga! I kick your n*ggas ass on numbers whenever I want to.”

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