Atlanta Female GANG Members Get Into A Shootout, Police Chase On IG . . . And Escape!!

We’ve all seen videos of gang members getting into shootouts or police chases on Instagram Live. But have you ever seen video of the gang members actually getting AWAY WITH IT??

MTO News learned that a group of women – who allegedly belong to a female gang – got into a shootout on IG Live. Then at some point in the video, the police began chasing the teen girls – and they managed to escape.

In the video, which MTO News has watched, the teen girls appear to pull guns and start shooting at their rivals. The girls then jump into a car and chase after their opps.

At one point the driver is asking her passenger to “shoot” at the opps car, as the teen girls are engaged in a high speed chase on a public road.

Luckily, about halfway through the video, Atlanta police arrive. But the female gang members have a nefarious way of avoiding capture.

In the video – which MTO News reviewed – the girls appear to put down their guns, and pretend to be just a group of innocent girls. Police drive right by, without suspecting that the teenagers were engaged in a shootout moments earlier.

MTO News reached out to Atlanta police for comment. So far, we have not received a response.

You gotta see this:

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