Troy Ave Blasts Casanova In New Diss Track: U Sold Ya Soul!!

Casanova is in jail, but Troy Ave doesn’t feel any pity for him — and has released a diss track taking aim at the rapper.

The track is called “Assanova.”

Troy featured the cover art, along with lyrics from his track, “Richer Than My Haters.”

“Casanova crying folks he jus settin up stage to tell/ How the f*k u crying broke wit jus 90 days in a cell/ U sold ya soul for protection/ They ain’t protect u to swell/ Damn caswell/ U the blood they extort on/ This occurrence is CLASSIK LIKE THE BOY U TOLD ON/ Dont make me retrieve da paperwork that u wrote on/Can’t get a visit from None of them rappers Dick’s u rode on”

Some people think it’s hypocritical of Troy Ave to be calling Casanova a rat when he has been accused of snitching on incarcerated podcaster, Taxstone.

Should Troy Ave be kicking Casanova while he’s already down?

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