TikTok Star Claims Chris Brown Told Her She Was ‘Too Dark’ To Get Into His Party

A TikTok star is claiming that Chris Brown once told her that she was “too dark” to get into one of his parties.

 “When Bhris Breezy told Me I was too dark to get Into his party,” the post reads.

She added, “Idk why I still like him [crying emoji] I must like abuse [face palm emoji],” later adding, “Guys I’m a real victim, my caption is basically my coping mechanism [sad face emoji].”

In 2019, Tokyo Vanity and Chris Brown were in light beef over her friend had a similar experience with the rapper.

Breezy then posted a picture of Tokyo, who clapped back:

“Stop playing with me. B*tch, that sh*t not funny. Second of all, b*tch, I’m not even ya type. B*tch you into things of light complexions, you know coke, heroin, molly, acid, embalming fluid, cigarettes…I’m just saying, Puerto Rican women, white women, Asian women. That’s all fine because that’s your preference and we all entitled to a preference. B*tch, all I’m doing is calling it like I see it.” 

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