‘Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis Speaks After Losing Custody Of Her Kids

Bravo star Kathryn Dennis lost custody of her kids after he baby daddy, Thomas Ravenel, accused her of still using drugs.

She now only sees them every other weekend. The visits are supervised.

“There will be a lot more difficult times than good times when you are without your kids. It’s normal. It’s normal if it’s only difficult at first, it’s going to be that way, it’s going to be hard… you gotta accept that’s just the way it is and pivot,” Kathryn wrote per The Sun. 

“Just like everything in parenting, I like to visualize a tunnel and the light at the end being my children. Focus on the light even if it seems dim at first. Kids are resilient and the bigger picture is not as bad as the smaller picture feels.”

Kathryn was accused of being a racist after she sent a Black media personality money emojis during a dispute over a Trump fundraiser. She then started dating a Black man.

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