Social Media Accuses Asian Doll Of ‘Clout Chasing’ As She Drops King Von Love Song!!


Asian Doll took to her Instagram to share a love song her deceased boyfriend, King Von wrote for her.

“On some real n*gga sh*t, I been feeling you and sh*t/ And even though I ain’t rich but I’m as real as it gets/ And I don’t play for the Knicks but on the court where we met/ You ain’t noticed me yet but you was already my bitch,” he spits on the track.


And while in the days after Von’s death, Von’s supporters rallied around Asian Doll, it seems that now they’re are getting bored and accusing her of using his name for clout.

“Von rolling in his grave. She acting like he was her husband of 20 years He didn’t claim her like she making it seem,” one follower wrote under DJ Akademiks’ post.

Another commenter chimed in, “Clout is a deadly drug.”

“Von was moved on before he died idk why she acting like they was together,” said another.

Take a look at the clip below.

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