Shekeniah Now Worried That TI & Tiny May Be Trying To HAVE HER KILLED!!


The drama between TI, Tiny and her former best friend Shekinah is getting CRAZY. MTO News just received a report that Shekinah is worried that Tiny and Ti may be trying to have her killed.

Tiny and Shekinah used to be inseparable until a few months ago. Now the two former friends are locked in a bitter lawsuit, with surrounding allegations that Tiny and her husband allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted women.

When the allegations against Tiny first surfaced, Shekinah tried to defend Tiny and her husband via a live Instagram chat, something Shekinah says she was asked to do. But Shekinah’s defense blew up in her face, and caused even more trouble for everyone involved.


Afterwards, Tiny and TI broke off all communications with Shekinah – and Tiny publicly blasted her former bestie – calling her a “dizzy b**ch.”

But according to a new report, from The Neighborhood Talk,  Tiny and Tip are “using other people to send threats to Shekinah.”

Here’s what the blog is saying:

 A social user Geisha305, posted a video that appeared to be a joke of Shekinah being gunned down in the street. While comical to some, the source says “this was a message.” While highlighting that both T.I and Tiny follow the page. 

The source also highlighted a time where one of Shekinah’s events was shot up. “Tiny was supposed to be there but it’s funny that she never came,” they explained. “If something happens to that girl, they did it!”

The source says Shekinah is concerned but says “God is on her side.” “It’s just crazy that it’s not about the sexual assault accusations anymore,” the source concluded. Neighbors, what are your thoughts?

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