Sha’Carri Richardson To ‘Come Out’ As Gay . . . Living Life As A ‘Stud’!!!

Olympic track star Sha’Carri Richardson is planning a huge media blitz and coming out party, MTO News has learned. And her team is hoping that with her public embrace of her LGBTQ lifestyle, hopefully the media can start looking at her more favorably.

According to a person close to Sha’Carri, the sprinter is livening life “as a stud” – a term used to describe a lesbian who exhibits traditionally masculine characteristics.

Here’s Sha’Carri this week, at a Fast food spot:

Sha’Carri’s friend explained, “She’s going to come out publicly. The media has been bashing her left and right, so she’s going to use this time to get a positive public spin.”

In recent years, the media has praised public figures – especially athletes – for coming out. And Sha’Carri’s team is hoping that they give her the same treatment.

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MTO managed to capture screenshots of Sha’Carri from years ago, where she talks openly about her LBGTQ status.

Here she is on TikTok bragging about her girlfriend:

And here’s Sha’Carri celebrating Pride month:

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