New Pics Of Beyonce’s Face Look Different; Twitter Says It’s Plastic Surgery!!


Beyonce posted a bunch of pictures this weekend – showing the beautiful mother of 3, enjoying her Mother’s Day.


But MTO News has learned that one of the images is causing quite a stir online. Beyonce posted one close up picture of her face – with her face looking extremely slender and her cheek bones appear to protrude more than normal.

And as a result of that image, some on social media are speculating that Beyonce may have gotten some type of facial plastic surgery.

Here’s the image:

Beyonce was one of the only celebrities, who never got any body or facial surgeries. But in recent months, fans of the platinum recording artist are beginning to think that she may have gone under the knife – like everyone else.

Last month, after Beyonce released images of herself with extra large hips and a round butt – people began speculating that she may have gotten a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Now, after the above image – folks are saying that Bey – who turns 40 this year – may have gotten a quick nip and tuck on her face.

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