New NBA Youngboy Photo From Jail Surfaces – IS HE OK??? (PIC)

21-year old rapper NBA Youngboy, real name Kentrell Gaulden, is one of the biggest superstars to come out of the South. Unfortunately, as MTO News reported, NBA Youngboy is currently sitting in jail as he fights a charge of gun possession. 

The rapper has been in jail for five months and according to reports, he’s been trying to make the most of his experience by calling fans and recording verses over the phone. 

This week, MTO News confirmed that fans finally got a new photo of Youngboy as he sits in jail, smiling and sporting new facial hair. 

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While Youngboy is smiling in the photos and looks healthy, many are questioning what they think is a facade. Fans of the rapper say they can see through his smile and that NBA actually looks “hopeless” in the image.

The rapper was seen grinning at the camera in what seems to be a screenshot from a video. 

The picture came with rumors that a new jailhouse rap song from Youngboy was on the way, though that is not confirmed. 

Just last week, “Lock Down Session,” a song recorded by Kentrell on a jail phone, went viral as the rapper attempts to make music behind bars. 

In just the five months he’s been locked up, he has missed the birth of two of his children while another one is on the way. The 21-year old has now fathered eight children. 

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