NBA Youngboy Once Turned Down Lil Baby Feature!!

According to DJ Akademiks, NBA Youngboy once turned down a feature from Lil Baby — one of the hottest new rappers out.

Ak says he tried to change his mind, but Youngboy would not be swayed.


“YoungBoy told me when Lil Baby hit him up for a feature. I remember he told me, ‘Ak, I’m not doing music right now.’ And I remember saying, ‘YoungBoy, if you don’t f*cking do a song with Lil Baby, n*gga …’ ‘Cause I gave him a whole list, I remember I sat in the car with him, I told him a whole list of n*ggas who he should do songs with. And I remember him telling me, ‘You know I can’t do a song with him.’ He was telling me all type of beefs, I was like, I didn’t know the beef was that deep. I get it,” Ak says.

“But I’m telling you the facts. This n*gga YoungBoy, he don’t care about that sh*t. I remember telling him, ‘This is a no f*cking brainer.’ And he was just like, ‘Bro, I don’t care.'”

When “beef” gets in the way of music and business….

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