NBA YoungBoy Allegedly Kicked 1-Year-Old Son Out Of Airbnb!!


NBA YoungBoy is being accused of kicking his 1-year-old son out of an Airbnb by his son’s mother.

“Whole time he’s always been bitter, fake ass father of the year,” Arcola ranted on social media about YoungBoy. “You pressed me to bring him out there just to kick him out because your mad at me? Only reason I let Kaell go the first time was because I didn’t want to seem bitter ya know. And also he needed to know his dad but I tried and that’s out the window. Kaell has 2 uncles and his bonus uncle Baby Zay and his godfather. They love him a lot and I do too!”

YoungBoy then on the official Never Broke Again Instagram page:

“Ion know what type of internet games you playing but I don’t owe you sh*t I ain’t even want no baby with you I Told you not but I accepted responsibility y’all h*es play baby games then try to come for some sh*t I earned and risked my life for cause yall ain’t women enough or capable to get on y’all sh*t that ain’t my fault I can take care my kids and get them what I want that ain’t my fault you can’t I keep it too real for y’all to be so f*cking fake come get him in the morning in you ain’t gotta text me back f*ck what you talking bout tell the world about it idgaf I be in my own world anyway text Jason when you get here.”

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