Model Makes OUTRAGEOUS Allegations Against Rihanna! (‘STD’ & ‘Married Man’)

A model with ties to Rihanna is making some pretty outrageous claims against Rihanna, and forcing her to respond. MTO News confirmed that the allegations were made by model Harley Dean – who claims to have worked with Rihanna in the past.

The explosive allegations were made on Instagram Live, during a conversation with rapper YBN Jay. Harley went off on Rihanna, whom she claims had her removed from a red carpet event.

Harley claims – without proof – that the reason that Rihanna had her tossed from the event, is because she had some pretty scandalous secrets about the star.

The video started out with Harley saying “[Rihanna] hates me because we worked together a long time ago.” She then went into a very long and uncorroborated story about STDs, married men, and more.

Rihanna’s fans are calling “cap” on everything that Harley is saying, and claiming that her version of events doesn’t make sense, MTO News confirmed.

But that hasn’t stopped the allegations from going viral – and it’s seemingly forcing Rihanna to respond to the salacious claims against her.

Here’s a part of the video:

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