Meek Mill Called A Hypocrite For DJ Akademiks Clubhouse Rant!!

DJ Akademiks finally joined Clubhouse, and Philly rapper Meek Mill was one of the first people to greet him in the Akademiks “Welcome” Part room.

The pair has conflict stemming years back, but Meek did not pass up the opportunity to air out his grievances with Ak.

“Akademiks, if we was in a room and you was talkin’ to me like that. Like, you screamin’ like that, that would not take place,” Meek said. “If you stir up a beef and somebody die, you are a part of that. That’s a conspiracy to that beef.”

Several rappers were calling Ak out for his part in the Chiraq moment. Meek also took issue with Ak covering him negatively on his platform.

Only 21 Savage stepped in to keep the peace:

“At the end of the day, bro. All this Internet sh*t is new to all of us so we all just learning as we go. We ain’t never been in these times where it’s so cool to care and it’s so cool to beef. Shit ain’t never been like this,” 21 said. “Whether we want to admit it or not, we all play some part in the way sh*t is nowadays ’cause we all are the people that profit off of that. You just gotta start showing that you give a f*ck and that you want to change, too,” he added.

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