‘Married To Medicine’s Toya Bush-Harris Says She Was Drunk When She Dissed Quad!!

Married to Medicine star Toya Bush-Harris has said she was drunk when she hopped on Instagram and dissed Quad Webb’s home.

“She said your sh*t was little and it was some bullsh*t. That’s what she said,” Dr. Heavenly Kimes to Quad… stirring the pot.

Toya did not deny the negative livestream, but she’s blaming it on the liquor.

“When I joined in on Cecil’s Instagram Live, let’s be clear, she was tipsy!” she said, “When I said what I said, bullsh*t ass apartment, I didn’t know what she lived in. She could have lived in a box.”


But Quad says she’s over Toya’s mess.

“Lying a*s b*tch. Fake ass b*tch.” She adds, “She’s faker than a f*cking mannequin. B*tch is a motherf*cking mannequin. Tell that b*tch to stand in a corner and pose because she’s a motherf*cking mannequin.”

The ladies had to be pulled apart before things turned physical.

Whose side are y’all on? Toya’s or Quad’s?

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