‘Married To Medicine’s Toya Bush-Harris Claps Back At Quad Webb

Married to Medicine star Toya Bush-Harris upset Quad Webb after participating in a discussion about whether or not Quad should be a cast member on the show — as she is no longer married to her doctor husband.

“She only films with Heavenly. And they only in that bullsh*t ass apartment talking that bullsh*t!” said Toya.

When Quad was shown the video, she said: “She should be the last person talking bout anybody’s house. And especially talking bout mine because I know real tea in terms of how she even got the motherf*cking house. She begged, borrowed, and stole and I mean just in that order.”


Toya responded to Quad on Watch What Happens Live:

“You know, I was very disappointed in the two of them. I just felt like here’s two women who are supposed to be my friends but I wasn’t surprised. I mean they seem like angry women. First of all, I’ve never been accused in 8 years of being on this show of anyone who has been a thief. And Quad has definitely been accused of being a liar and a thief. And she’s sitting here saying I had to borrow and steal from my home? This from a woman who doesn’t even have a home of her own,” she shared.

She continued, “She’s never purchased a home in her life. And she’s talking about mine but I wasn’t surprised because they’ve been talking about me in a negative way since I’ve been on the show.”

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