Kodak Black Says He Rocks w/ NBA YoungBoy & Lil Durk

Kodak Black says he won’t be choosing a side in the beef between NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk.

“I vibe with NoCap and YoungBoy, I ain’t even gone lie. And me, of course, I’m f*cked up ’bout myself. I ain’t gonna lie, Lil Durk slide. Lil Durk pressure,” he told DJ Akademiks.

“I ain’t speaking on no one, them n*ggas innovate. Lil bruh great. That boy a GOAT. I don’t feel like I gotta do a bitch ass thing. Both of them boys make great music. YoungBoy, he like a lil bro. Durk’s great too, he makes great music. As long as a n*gga don’t find me and make me feel like I gotta pick no sides or no crazy sh*t, it’s music at the end of the day. I know sh*t could go down, like, if a n*gga feelin’ like, okay, I’m finna hit this bitch up, this lil video shoot or this tour bus, if a n*gga ridin’ in the crossfire, that’s just what it is.”


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