King Von Plays Down Beef w/ NBA YoungBoy: It’s The Internet

King Von and NBA Youngboy’s beef has made headlines in the past, but Von says the beef isn’t a big deal — he and NBA are fine.

He said their issues are being blown out of proportion:

“They be saying that a lot,” he told DJ Akademiks. “It’s like, we got the same issues and hoes and then you know how the internet will try to make it.”


Von says the beef is not over women either.

“Nah it’s the internet, gang. They’ll try to make it like that ’cause it’s the internet, you feel what I’m saying? And then you know how females is,” he explained. “Females will try to make it like that ’cause they females and they’ll try to make it like one muthaf*cka f*ck with one muthaf*cka hard. It be just all type of sh*t. But it ain’t nothing sincere, nothing that you should worry about.”

Watch the clip below.

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