Kanye West’s Presidential Campaign Was Secretly Run By Republicans

Kanye West’s presidential campaign was secretly run by the Republican Party, new documents show.

The independent campaign paid for help from advisers to GOP leaders and a managing partner at one of the top conservative political firms in the country.


“This was absolutely amateur hour. And his campaign paid a lot of money for those results,” Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Communications director Jordan Libowitz told Daily Beast.

He continued, “It’s very clear that the whole point behind Kanye’s campaign was to try to re-elect Donald Trump. Whether that was a goal of Kanye is another issue. But he was clearly seen as a way to steal potential votes from Biden.”

Well, last year, MTO News did report that Kanye was working closely with the GOP after a The New York Times article found that at least four people who have been active in Republican politics were linked to West’s attempt to get on the presidential ballot in 2020.

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