John Legend Seems To Agree Kanye West Is Helping Trump Get Re-Elected

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Kanye West has raised suspicions after it was revealed this week that a GOP member is working with him on his campaign -- John Legend seems to agree with critics who say he is working to help Trump get re-elected.

"Just in case anyone needs some clarity around what's happening here," he wrote alongside a link to an article about West's campaign with the Trumper. "Anyway…. Anyone reckless and/or misinformed enough to fall for the okey doke probably wasn't voting for Biden (or voting at all)."

According to The New York Times, at least four people who have been active in Republican politics are linked to West's attempt to get on the presidential ballot this year. 

The Hill reports that Let the Voters Decide is helping West with his campaign in Ohio, West Virginia, and Arkansas. The organization is headed by Mark Jacoby, who was arrested on charges of voter fraud while working in California for the Republican Party in 2008, per the outlet.

He is reportedly actively working on Trump's campaign.