Judge Agrees To Throw Out Video Footage In NBA YoungBoy’s Gun Case

Photo and video evidence in the federal case against NBA YoungBoy will not be used in the case against him, a judge has ruled.

A U.S. district judge has granted the rapper’s request to suppress video evidence seized during his 2020 arrest. According to documents obtained by XXL, his attorneys argued the footage was inadmissible in court as the camera was searched without probable cause.


His attorneys wrote that “the firearms and SD card media are fruits of the illegal detentions of ‘Gaulden, Ramsey, and [the other people arrested] on September 28, 2020.’ The fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine extends the rule to excuse evidence admissible in court if it was illegally obtained.”

The Advocate reports that the judge stated that “In this case, the question is narrowed because the … affidavit contains nothing to indicate that the camera contained evidence of crimes. The mere fact that a camera was recovered at the scene of an arrest does not generate a ‘substantial probability’ that evidence of a crime will be on that camera. Additionally, without an allegation that the camera was in use when the alleged crimes occurred, the assertion that the camera contained evidence is purely speculative.”

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