Joseline Hernandez Curses Out Contestant w/ Alleged ‘Coronavirus’!! (‘Don’t Cough H*e’)

Joseline Hernandez new show on Zeus is one of television’s most entertaining – and seems to go viral every week. This week on Joseline’s Cabaret, viewers couldn’t get over Joseline yelling at a contestant for coughing during filming.

MTO News learned that the below scene was filmed in early 2020, as the Coronavirus was exploding across the world – but before anyone knew just how serious the disease was.

One of the contestants was clearly having respiratory issues – and began coughing uncontrollably during filming. Folks on Twitter are speculating that, because of her symptoms, the young lady may have been suffering from the effects of the coronavirus.

“Who you coughing at?” Joseline says when she notices the lady coughing.

“When I was talking she started coughing. B*tch, like I’m some kind of germ! Bitch, I know you not coughing at me, hoe,” she said to producers.

She added, “You can’t be coughing at me disrespectful ass bitch! Homeless ass hoe!”


The ladies are subjecting themselves to Joseline’s savage treatment in the hopes of winning the $10,000 cash prize. But some on social media don’t think the prize money is high enough to put up with Joseline’s constant humiliation.

The young lady was asked – by fans on Twitter – if she had the coronavirus, but she didn’t respond. It turns out all contestants signed a non-disclosure agreement and are not allowed to discuss anything about the filmed scenes – until after the series has fully aired.

The new season of Joseline’s Cabaret can be seen on the Zeus network.

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