Joseline & Goons BEAT Up Cast Members Of Her Reality Show: Multiple Rushed To Hospital! (Vid)

Reality star Joseline Hernandez and her goons are accused of putting A WWE Style Beatdown on the entire cast of her new Zeus show – leaving at least two women hospitalized with serious injuries, MTO News has learned.

Yesterday the Zeus network filmed season 3 cast reunion show for the new season of Joseline’s Cabaret. And MTO News can confirm that ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE on the set.

According to cast members, multiple fights broke out and there was tons of drama at the reality filming.

Amber Ali explained what happened – to set things off. According to Amber, she “two pieced” Joseline during the reunion special, after Joseline made disparaging comments towards her. 

Amber claims that after she snuck Joseline with the combo, she was attacked by Joseline’s fiancé Ballistic – a man. According to Amber, Ballistic – a 220 pound man -threw the tiny beauty onto the ground and allegedly STOMPED HER OUT.

Amber went live on Instagram to explain the details – first she recorded a video from a hospital bed, then again later in a hospital bed live with fellow cast member Kay Kapri and finally again when she was released from the hospital.

Kay and Amber also alleged that Joseline was “high off cocaine” during the filming. Amber also said that she intends to press charges against Ballistic and Joseline and may pursue legal action against Zeus network as well. 

After the Amber and Joseline fight – the entire set looked like WWE;’ Royal Rumble. MTO News has learned that at least a dozen OTHER fights popped off, and multiple people were taken to the hospital for injuries sustained.

Amber says Ballistic and Joseline assaulted her and left her with injuries that required a hospital visit. Here’s video of her:

The day before the reunion, Joseline made it clear that she was ready for ALL THE SMOKE.

Amber and Joseline had drama during the season also. Here’s one of their altercations.

And here’s Joseline’s response to Amber:

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