Joe Budden Defends Claim That DJ Akademiks Is Broke

Joe Budden has defended claims from a woman that DJ Akademiks flew out that he’s broke.

“N*ggas really be f*cking broke as f*ck. Like no never again, never ever ever again, if you know what I’m saying,” the woman said in a clip of her filming Ak trying to pay for her hotel room.

“Lmao … last thing that man is is broke… but it’s still funny,” Budden commented on The Neighborhood Talk’s post.

Ak then wrote: “Lol…. And then when u show em u not broke they say u feeling urself n flexing n not humble. Can’t win. Who cares.”

Ak went on Twitch to respond to the video. He claimed his arrangements to fly her out were a mess because he did not care about her. The women claimed that he had not paid for the flight and that he did not have his wallet to pay for the room when she showed up.

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