Instagram Star Bundle Of Brittany GOT THE BAG; Pregnant By NBA Player! (1st Pics)

Instagram model Brittany Renner is famous for her beauty, her incredible body, and her willingness to talk about past relationships she’s had with celebrity men. Now, it looks like one of those relationships will pay off as she’s about to get a huge check each month for the next 18 years.

Brittany is pregnant by NBA player, PJ Washington.

MTO News first broke the news that Brittany was pregnant last fall – and now she’s showing.

Take a peek at her IG page, which used to be filled with bikini pics. All of her new pictures, show her strategically placing something to block her stomach.

PJ plays for the Charlotte Hornets, and he’s definitely a millionaire. MTO News did some digging and got ahold of PJ’s finances. In 2019-20, Washington will earn a base salary of $3,831,840, that number jumps to $4,023,600 next year, $4,215,120 the year after, and $5,808,435 the year after. And all that money is 100% guaranteed.

Here’s a video from back in the fall, where you can start to see a bit of a bump:

Here are some pics of the two together:’

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