Popular Insta-Thot Brittany Renner Gets Pregnant By NBA Rookie! (Whoops)


Brittney Renner is famous for talking openly about having sex with dozens of famous men. Now she's landed a HUGE payday. MTO News has confirmed that Brittany is currently pregnant - and the child appears to belong to NBA player PJ Washington.

Here's the video that Brittany posted, which shows her expanding belly. The gorgeous insta-model did everything she could to hide it - but it's pretty apparent.

PJ plays for the Charlotte Hornets, and he's definitely a millionaire. MTO News did some digging and got ahold of PJ's finances. In 2019-20, Washington will earn a base salary of $3,831,840, that number jumps to $4,023,600 next year, $4,215,120 the year after, and $5,808,435 the year after. And all that money is 100% guaranteed.

What's also guaranteed is that Brittany - once she gives birth - will be entitled to a good chunk of PJ's contracts.

But PJ seems to be VERY happy with Brittany. Here are some videos of the two together:

And here's some pics of Britt - who's gorgeous: