IG Model Rushed To Hospital After BBL Surgery Complications – Has Tuberculosis In Her Butt!!

A beautiful Instagram model named Dime Racks was rushed to the hospital on Friday, after suffering from complications of plastic surgery, MTO News has confirmed.

Last month Diamond went to a popular IG doctor, who specializes in body modification – and got a new BBL – or a Brazilian Butt Lift. She already had undergone multiple BBLs before – so her latest surgery was supposed to be a quick “re-up.”

Here’s Diamond, before the surgery:

But something went wrong, and now Diamond has “organisms” growing in the fat in her butt, MTO News has learned.


Diamond leaked a video yesterday, of her talking with her doctor. In the video, which MTO News reviewed, the doctor can be heard telling the beauty that she has “organisms” and “tuberculosis” in her butt fat.

Wow! Wow! Wow…..


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