IG Model Courtney Tailor Spotted On ‘DATE’ w/ White Guy . . . Days After Killing BLACK BF!!

Instagram Model Courtney Tailor was taken into custody and released, after police say that she was involved in a domestic dispute that led to her boyfriend’s, Christian Obumseli, death.  

During the dispute, he was fatally stabbed, MTO News confirmed.

Police did not arrest Courtney. Instead she was hospitalized after she made suicidal threats while in police custody, MTO News has confirmed. And officers have not yet formally charged her in her boyfriend’s death.

According to local reports, police are exploring “alternative explanations” for Christian’s death. And there is a very real possibility that Courtney will not serve any time in jail over it.

Yesterday a woman – who beard a striking resemblance to Courtney – was spotted out in Miami with another man. An onlooker approached Courtney and the White man she was with – and look what happened.

Folks on social media are speculating that Courtney and the White man could have been on a date, just days after her boyfriend’s death.


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