Dr. Heavenly Kimes: I Felt Betrayed By Quad Webb!!


Married to Medicine star Dr. Heavenly Kimes said she felt betrayed by Quad Webb after she mistook an emoji Heavenly posted on her page.

Quad claimed Heavenly had a “mediocre booty.”

“Evidently she misread the emoji. She was with her friend drinking and she got high and mighty like she was gon hashtag me like, ‘mediocre body, hashtag liposuction, hashtag gastric bypass…’ all these hashtags, right? And honestly, I was thinking, damn, this b*tch sitting on ready. Almost like she hating,” she said on her Youtube channel.

She continued: “I was kind of offended because Quad is my girl. I always defended Quad no matter what. I’m rooting for you, b*tch. I’m the one bringing your name up to bring you back on the show.” She continued, “I’m actually advocating for you. And for you to come at me like that like I’m just some b*tch you tryna do to get back on the show, whatever you doing, was an overreaction, just like I felt like that common sh*t was an overreaction.”

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