DJ Speed Calls Out Eazy-E’s Daughter

DJ Speed hopped on social media to call out Eazy-E’s daughter, Ebie, for her “ignorant” behavior.

“Here you guys go,you get to see EB act like her mother in front of Eric’s whole family including his mother,this is the type of energy they bring,I never wanted to post this but you guys need to see how childish & ignorant she acts,shout out @wrknwn0feelns @lileazy_e for keeping things going even with this interruptions ✊ ” he wrote.

Ebie does appear to be filled with tension at the gathering.

“It’s been almost twenty-five years that this tombstone has had the wrong birth year on it,” she says. “How that happened, I have no idea, makes no sense. I don’t know how you couldn’t have known your husband’s birth year but okay.” 

She continued, “Our dad is Eazy-E. There’s no such thing as a simple mistake. It shouldn’t have taken twenty-five years to change. This is a legend. This is our father. It should have been done as soon as we asked.” 

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