DJ Akademiks To Peter Rosenberg: I’ll Fight You For Free!!

DJ Akademiks and his ongoing feud with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg could be settled in the boxing ring.

Ak challenged Rosenberg to a fight. 

Ain’t no celebrity boxing that’s gonna go down with me. I need $1 million to step in the ring with anybody, but you should DM me and we could spar. I’m giving you that opportunity, Rosenberg, and I don’t give that opportunity a lot. You talking way too crazy,” said Ak.


He continued, “Hit me up and we’ll spar in the next week. If Rosenberg hits me up in the next week, I’ll spar with him. We’ll find a gym and me and him will spar. No cameras, no nothing and we’ll see what’s up. You know I sh*tted on you because you a 45-year-old with your bitch, f*ck both of y’all.”

Earlier this week, Rosenberg made it clear that he was open to fighting the media personality. Ak wants to fight to go down in the next week.

“I see you trying to take it physical. I’ll do it for free. It’s gotta be in the next week. If you DM me in the next week, and I don’t respond, screenshot it and expose me. Otherwise, I don’t want to hear sh*t from you. You’re irrelevant and you start talking that hand sh*t,” Ak concluded.

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