DJ Akademiks Trolls Rory & Mal For Going On Strike From The Joe Budden Podcast!!

DJ Akademiks has not been fans of Rory and Mal, co-hosts of The Joe Budden Podcast, and when he heard the pair might be on strike from the show… he could not help but throw a few jabs.

“Heard the stooges on strike, Don’t worry I still need a full time detailer for my cars,” he wrote.

“Drake told y’all, ‘last chance I get to make sure u take it personally/my life centered around competition and currency/Done talk now cuz there’s other sh*t that’s concerning me,” he said, quoting Drake’s “Do Not Disturb.”


Ak dragged the pair back in December.

“I’m a be honest with you, I wasn’t with it… Listen, I’m not Rory and I’m not [Mal]. It should be very evident what I built because them bum ass n*ggas are struggling. Facts! I’m gonna be aight,” he said at the time. “You know what I like about what Joe did?… Joe making millions, he don’t care. You see them little bum ass n*ggas that yall be like Rory and Mini Mal? Them n*ggas is living like check-to-check. Them n*ggas is really down bad. That was never me.”

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