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DJ Akademiks Says Kollege Kidd Cofounder Ray Autry Died From 'Overdosing On Hate'

Raysean Autry, one of the cofounders of the Kollege Kidd blog died from Covid-19 last year but DJ Akademiks says he died from "hate."

"One of these is in the dirt, that's a fact," Ak said on Twitch. 

"Raysean Autry, half of the Kollege Brothers, he died. He died after overdosing on hate. That's it! I'm sorry to say. I gotta be honest with ya'll. He didn’t die of COVID. The n*gga, instead of going to doctor's appointments, instead of focusing on his health, instead of focusing on family, instead of focusing on anything good — his last moments in life was sending out tweets hating on Akademiks. I was on his mind, it's very unfortunate."

After his rant, Ray's brother, went off on Ak on social media.

"Look like somebody already whooped his a*s something serious. Dude got a permanent lopsided face," he said after calling him ugly and a pedophile.

He then shared a video of Ak getting roasted by Vic Mensa.