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DJ Akademiks Says Kanye West Is Spreading AIDS Rumors About Pete Davidson!!

According to DJ Akademiks, Kanye West is spreading rumors that Pete Davidson has a sexually transmitted disease.

"He's going crazy with himself. A n*gga told me... this is real talk... Kanye has been telling anyone within an earshot of himself, he's trying to spread a rumor that Pete Davidson has AIDS. I'm telling you this is a fact. I've heard this from 8 people," said Ak. 

"He's telling everybody! I'm telling you, this is a fact. Bruh, if you gotta spread a rumor that the n*gga f*ckin' your wife got AIDS, my n*gga, like, bro... you burnt out, bro, wrap it up. It's over."

Kanye is mad that Kim Kardashian has started dating with Pete and they even went on vacation together. Kanye has moved on with Julia Fox but he has dissed Pete in interviews, on a song and even bought a house opposite Kim so that he can be closer to his kids.