DJ Akademiks Roasts Freddie Gibbs After Jim Jones Beatdown: Fredrick Is A F*ckin’ Victim!!


DJ Akademiks continued to troll Freddie Gibbs after rumors surfaced that he got into a fight with Jim Jones and lost!

 “I ain’t gon’ lie to you, Jim Jones roll with some real n*ggas,” said Akademiks on Twitch. “They shot at that n*gga years ago, they beat him up this time. Bro, Fredrick is a f*ckin’ victim! How the f*ck y’all got him talkin’ crazy like he gon’ scare me!”

Ak is enjoying the news, especially after he thinks Freddie Gibbs was behind his Instagram page being removed from Instagram for a brief time.

“I got my Instagram back… they said that @FreddieGibbs snitched on me … but I beat the case,” he wrote at the time. “Freddie I don’t want no more beef with u. U literally police.”

He continued, “From here on out.. @FreddieGibbs I’m telling u .. u tweet at me it’s silence… u snitched on me to instagram.. u got it. U out internet me bro. Call J Prince .. cuz I don’t want no more smoke with u. U win. Just stop telling please.”

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