DJ Akademiks Rips Freddie Gibbs: He’s The Son Of A Cop & His Brother Is A District Attorney!!

In an interview with Million Dollaz Worth of Game, DJ Akademiks once again goes in on Freddie Gibbs.

“After I come back from LA, [Freddie Gibbs] sends out a tweet—‘You know I could have smoked Akademiks. I knew where he was at, I almost pulled up and smoked him and the place where he was at, I knew everybody there and nobody was gonna do nothing. They were gonna let me smoke him but God told me no’. I believe he knew [where I was] but I don’t believe in his wildest dreams that he would pull up,” he said.

Ak then made a comparison that won’t make Gibbs happy.

“This is when I realized that Freddie Gibbs is 6ix9ine. Freddie Gibbs is the son of a cop. Freddie Gibbs’ brother is a doctor. His other brother is a district attorney. Okay, let’s keep all these things in mind. Father, cop. Brother, district attorney. Other brother, a doctor. Remember, these are the gangster rappers. He’s claiming he’s Vice Lord, he’s big, tough and everything. He’s tweeting out public threats to me. [Saying] I could have killed you.”


Is Ak right??

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