DJ Akademiks’ Instagram Account Deleted

DJ Akademiks’ Instagram page which has over 4 million followers has been deleted.

Ak has not commented on the page’s disappearance.

Last month, Ak got into it again with Pete Rosenberg.

 “Akademiks talks a lot of trash for someone who would go broke if Twitch and YouTube got shut down. Barely surviving this ratio. lol Ak really got man fans for real,” Rosenberg tweeted.

Ak then clapped back on Twitch:

“Rosenberg, I probably made more this year on Spotify than you’ve made your entire career at Hot 97,” he said. “Bro, I’m on your ass … I don’t f*ck with y’all n*ggas. Y’all been new. I never apologized to none of y’all. I ain’t f*ck with y’all industry n*ggas. I created my own sh*t, so good. I’m glad you said that. It’s on now, great! Perfect. Here we go. Here’s the last conversation I had with you Rosenberg, when you thought I was p*ssy and you was like, ‘Yo, Ak. You only talk on the internet,’ this, that and the third. And I hit you up and I said, ‘N*gga, if you really think I’m scared of you, we can meet up and box. I’m not doing it on no celebrity thing. I ain’t givin’ you a dollar!”


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