DJ Akademiks Calls Out Festivals & Cancel Culture

Following DaBaby being dropped by several huge festivals, DJ Akademiks hopped on Twitter to call out the festivals and the fans who turned their backs on him.

“I fw DaBaby. At this point though I don’t think its about his comments (him and others in Hip Hop have said worse things.. not justifying them)… however I think this is one of them last stands for cancel culture. He apologized but basically acted like he was 2 big to cancel,” Ak wrote.

The moment Da Baby said he was the ‘influence’ like.. that can’t be taken from you or your livelihood can’t be affected by others. I knew they were finna have a hard on for him… can’t be arrogant and pompous when that cancel train come for u.. even if u think its overblown,” he continued.


“Every festival finna try to look good by taking him off their lineup.. until he comes back begging and pleading. Thats what cancel culture is these days.. its more bout bringing entertainers 2 their knees begging back for acceptance rather than letting u learn from ur mistake.”

Is DJ Akademiks right?

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