Chris Brown May Be A Serial R*pist: Accused Of Drugging & Assaulting SECOND Latina Woman!!

R&B singer Chris Brown is in a world of trouble – and he may end up spending the rest of his life behind bars, MTO News has learned.

A second Latina woman is claiming that the R&B singer drugged her and raped her. Then the beautiful IG model claims that after she woke up – Chris told her to “take a Plan B pill.” WOW.

This brings the number of women alleging that Chris Brown drugged and raped them  – to TWO.

Miami Beach Police are currently investigating allegations of battery by the two women against R&B singer, according to reports obtained by NBC 6.

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This is the second woman to claim that Chris s*xually assaulted her – and both incidents happened just a few weeks apart in Miami, MTO News has learned. 

The first woman claimed she was drugged and raped by the 32-year-old singer while at a party on a yacht that was docked near Diddy’s home on Dec. 30, 2020.

The second victim claims she was at the party – but Chris didn’t assault her. But two days later she and a friend were invited to meet at Brown’s Miami Beach hotel suite .

While there she claim that Chris approached her and shoved one of his fingers in her mouth, the report said. Chris’ finger had a white powdery substance on it and that she blacked out for several hours and woke up in the suite without her friends or her phone.

She claim that she received a text from Mr. Brown apologizing to her and asking her to take a Plan B (morning-after pill).

The alleged victim filed a report with Miami Beach Police after reading about a lawsuit filed in January by another woman who was allegedly at the same yacht party.

In that lawsuit, that woman said she was raped by Brown after he served her drinks. She also told police that after the second drink, her memory became fuzzy.

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