Chris Brown Lashes Out At Critics: Shut Up & Listen To The Damn Music!!

Chris Brown took to his Instagram Story to speak out against critics.

“Shut up and just listen to the damn music,” he wrote via his Story. “Only people that give a f*ck about others’ personal problems have a personal problem….. So please please take it personal if I stunt, sh*t, or flex on you! I’m not you and you could never be me. The lie was that we are the same.”

It’s unclear if Breezy was addressing anyone in particular, but if he was, he didn’t drop any hints as to who.

“No the f*ck we ain’t! Know that… If I can’t earn your respect…. I’ll earn your fear. Can’t dim my light but can’t brighten yours by focusing on you… Hoped this helped/hurt some feelings!”

The singer has had a peaceful year in comparison to some of his past years with his legal woes. One thing’s for sure, though, he’s tired of all of the gossip and wants the focus to be on the artistry.

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