Chris Brown Accused Of DMing 15 Yr Old Girl . . . She Puts Him ON BLAST!!

R&B singer Chris Brown is going viral, after a 15 year old girl explained how the singer slid into her DMs. The girl, who is a popular TikTok star, suggested that she was freaked out by Chris Brown’s message, MTO News has learned.

And she even called Chris Brown – “R Kelly”, the R&B singer currently in prison for molesting girls.

She exposed Breezy on TikTok. Look:’

Chris is one of the most influential and successful R&B singers ever, with several considering him the “King of R&B” alongside Usher and R. Kelly.

His musical style has been defined as polyhedric, with his R&B being characterized by several influences from other genres, mainly hip hop and pop music. His lyrics develop predominantly over themes of sex, lovesickness, regret, romantic love, fast life, desire, and the difficulty of managing emotions. Being described by media outlets and critics as one of the biggest talents of his time in urban music, Brown gained a cult following, and wide comparisons to Michael Jackson for his stage presence as a singer-dancer.

But Chris has a number of run ins with the law, and he’s suspected to be a heavy cocaine user.

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