Bow Wow’s Baby Mama Responds To Him Calling Her A ‘Clout Chaser’

Bow Wow called the mother of his son a clout chaser — and she’s not happy.

“I stay humble. I stay out the way. I get my own money,” said Sky in a clip that surfaced on Instagram. “I focus on myself. I be the best mom for my baby, and it still don’t be enough for,” Olivia says.

“N*ggas try and find a way to make you think you doin’ something wrong. Why you trying to f*ck with me so hard, dude? Why are you trying to make this single mom sh*t so f*cking hard. This co-parenting sh*t can be so easy, but — would rather make it hard, bro. And that’s crazy! So, let me be the b*tch that you want me to be. Right now,” she added.

Fans have called Bow Wow out before for going at his exes on social media.

“Go to the internet and let them in on the tea and sh*t ’cause I wanna be famous, right? But how come I didn’t do Love & Hip Hop when they offered me to? What? Huh?” 

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