Atlanta Dad GOES VIRAL . . . After He Catches Man Accused Of ABUSING 9 Yr Old Daughter!!

An Atlanta father is wanted for questioning from police, after he is seen beating up a man he believed abused his daughter. 

The incident was captured on video, and MTO News has learned that the video has gone viral – being seen more than 10 million times already.

In the video, the father is seen after he apprehended a man whom he claims “punched his daughter in the eye.” The 9 year old girl was clearly injured – she showed her face on the video, and her eye was swollen shut.

In the video, the father is seen dragging the alleged attacker by his hair, and repeatedly punches him in the face. The 9 year old girls mother got in on the action also – she dealt out a few blows against the alleged attacker.

In the end, the attacker was beaten – but not seriously. And according to social media reports, the parents did not contact the police – to have the alleged attacker arrested.

One person claiming to know all the people involved explained, “They didn’t get the police involved, it was just street justice.”

Well whether the parents like it or not, police are now involved, MTO News has learned. Atlanta police want to question the father and the alleged attacker over the incident.

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