Asian Doll Swears Off Doing Hometown Shows

Rapper Asian Doll says she’s never doing shows in her hometown again.

The rapper is from Dallas, Texas.

“I hate to say it but I’m sueing [sic] the Dallas promoter that booked me for 2events yesterday & didn’t give me my backend SMH I been doing shows 5months straight & NEVER had a problem with my money until I came to my hometown Sh*t crazy & people wonder why ion come back,” she tweeted.


“I did the show free cause I couldn’t let the fans down but in reality we could’ve handled that whole situation on some gangsta sh*t but I just charged it to the game & it made me really look at the city different smh,” she added. “But I’m sueing that Dallas promoter FASHO FASHO see you in court bitch.”

“Never doing a show in DALLAS TX again I will never accept any shows from there point blank period.”

Ya’ll believe her?

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