Asian Doll Swears Off Doing Hometown Shows

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Rapper Asian Doll says she's never doing shows in her hometown again.

The rapper is from Dallas, Texas.

"I hate to say it but I'm sueing [sic] the Dallas promoter that booked me for 2events yesterday & didn't give me my backend SMH I been doing shows 5months straight & NEVER had a problem with my money until I came to my hometown Sh*t crazy & people wonder why ion come back," she tweeted.


"I did the show free cause I couldn't let the fans down but in reality we could've handled that whole situation on some gangsta sh*t but I just charged it to the game & it made me really look at the city different smh," she added. "But I'm sueing that Dallas promoter FASHO FASHO see you in court bitch."

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"Never doing a show in DALLAS TX again I will never accept any shows from there point blank period."

Ya'll believe her?