Asian Doll Roasted On Twitter Over Young Dolph Tweet


Asian Doll posted a tweet after the death of Young Dolph and now Twitter is accusing her of being a clout chaser.

“Dam dolph just asked me to go on tour with him in February & I said yes Dam man RIP,” she wrote.

Twitter dragged Asian Doll. One fan even posted an old tweet of her calling Young Dolph trash.

“Take that sh*t back u said about dolph… don’t nobody wanna go on tour with you,” one fan wrote.

She has since deleted the tweet. She also deleted her Instagram.

“Sh*t so sad man everybody loved dolph Broken heart,” she continued. 

Asian Doll has been dragged online for the way she tweeted constantly after King Von’s death.


Rapper Foolio later issued a warning to the ladies that if something happens to him and he is no longer here, don’t be Asian Doll.

Asian Doll dated King Von briefly before he was shot and killed last year. They were not together when he passed.

“Real sh*t. If somethin’ ever happen to me, bro, don’t be an Asian Doll. If you know what we was on and we didn’t talk like that, don’t be extra. For real. Don’t be on that Asian [Doll],” he posted in the video. “Y’all gotta stop that fake ass sh*t.”

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