Asian Doll Rips XXL Over Freshman List

A picture of the upcoming XXL Freshman Class of 2021 dropped, and Asian Doll was unimpressed.


She took to social media to put the outlet on blast.

“It’s been f*ck XXL. Nobody cares for that sh*t it’s soooooo staged now it’s been staged & the list but full of favoritism no real talent that’s why then freestyles be trash cause they pick the artist based off popularity that cover not raw at all,” she wrote. “XXL list should be fulla females anyway they love throwing 16 n*ggas on there & 1 female like we ain’t out here taking over the game.”

She responded to a fan who accused her of just wanting to be on the cover:

“When I had my big brake through when I signed to Gucci (his 1st female artist ever) I was on the cover with the Migos I was the ONLY FEMALE but instead of having my picture on the cover they put only my name lol I knew then XXL was trash !!!!” she responded.

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