Asian Doll On Losing King Von: My Whole World Just Crashed!!

Asian Doll headed to Taraji P. Henson’s Peace of Mind with Taraji podcast, where she opened up about losing King Von.

“My whole world just crashed,” she told Taraji. “I had never felt a feeling like that. It’s like I was just broken.” 

She also confessed that they had split before he was brutally gunned down in Atlanta.

 “I want to say like six days before he passed away, we had broken up and I was real hard on him. I was not trying to see him. I did not want to see him at all,” she says.


“It is OK to feel. You loved that man and he died suddenly,” Taraji says in the preview clip. “He was taken in a senseless murder. You know that’s not something you just push through and try to cope with.”

King Von was one of three men shot and killed in Atlanta. At first, there were reports that Von had been killed by police — but police say he was shot by members from another group of men and was shot before they arrived on the scene.

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